Hello world, I’m here!

“First, say to yourself what you would be; then do what you have to do”- Epictetus

This past weekend’s Commencement Speaker, Henry Rollins said that you can never tell yourself that you’re too old to learn or begin something new.  I was more affirmed than the graduates sitting in the audience.  The word “never” will not be in my vocabulary for a while.

This is my third attempt with blogging.  Each time I have attempted to create a new site, I learn a little more about myself.  Basically, if I ridicule myself into believing that I’m not good enough; I will have an encounter with someone or read an article, that keeps turns me back around.  So, I must be on the right track towards something!

Over the past three years, I have been challenged both spiritually and professionally.  I realized that my voice has been silenced directly or indirectly through fear and frustration. I’m looking for a way to make sure that my voice is heard; the blog is my way for now.  There is a little more to this insight but it will unfold to all of you over the next few months.

What are your desires?


One comment

  1. I love the quote and what your commencement speaker said. It must be déjà vu for you to be sitting there among those youngsters at that ceremony, having had your own commencement moment some while ago, and hearing that something in your heart resonating in such a deeper way, now that you have experienced those trials by fire. I will be thinking about this – who I want to be, and what I have to do to be this, as I face my own challenges this week! I am encouraged also by your pressing onward and speaking your truth!


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