For the Love of Reading

Bee at the Huntington Library

“Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind” -James Lowell

This week I had an awesome adventure with my older daughter in the heart of San Francisco.  I got to fulfill a wish and visit City Lights Bookstore.  I’m still unpacking the impression of this historical place for writers, the magical visit with my Bella that I will write about in a future blog, and knowing that independent bookstores are very much alive and well!

Being around all these books, made me think of a question.  If you were being interviewed for a job and asked, “What books are by your bed,” what would you say?  Well, a few years ago my answer would have been a blank stare or maybe a polite awkward smile.

What happened to me?  I used to be voracious reader.  Reading was my life and somehow I lost it. Something happened along the way.  I got too busy with the girls and work and stopped reading books; I just read magazines, mind candy.

I even noticed that my husband and daughters had several books on their nightstands and on the coffee table in the living room.  My family were more well-read than I was!  Their bookshelves were overflowing. It is always fun to hear the chatter after someone finishes a book.

The energy in the room is infectious regardless if s book has a happy or sad ending.  Depending on the timing, if two of them finished their books about the same time, they will talk over each other with lots of laughter and curious questions.

It’s a good energy and I wanted to be a part of it!

The subtle lesson that I didn’t understand, if you’re not a reader, is that the act of reading makes you a part of a community.  It is this sense of belonging to a group exploring similar ideas that fosters the creativity that could possibly lead to change.

Just recently, as a way to motivate others at work, I have ordered extra books to have around on my desk.  I have had the best conversations with faculty, staff, students and even parents about the book titles that are either on my shelf or desk.  I have surprised many people by saying, “just take the book.”  No one turns away a free book!

As a part of my blog I decided to add another element to it.  I will be doing book reviews through Random House’s “Blogging for Books.”  I am excited about this opportunity.  The goal is a book a month, but we’ll see how that goes! Next week’s blog will be my first book review.

Also, if you need a little motivation to kick start reading, check out Kristin Sander’s podcast (Kristin’s Blog Page).  You can download her podcast on ITunes, “This Inspired Life.”  Kristin’s produced a podcast (Episode 18) about reading.  She interviewed Nicole V. Bennett, who wrote a free e-book called “Read More.”  Here’s a link to Nicole V Bennett’s Blog Page.

Until,  Always Peace

Photo credit:  Sam A. Cremer, May 2015


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