Late Night TV Dilemma

Retro TV with an antenna, wooden Cabinet, vintage

Last Thursday night, I’m sitting on our bed trying to weigh out TV show options with my husband: Fallon or Colbert?  Do I want to laugh or think tonight?  Doug and I figure out that Colbert will come first, because of his interview with Joe Biden.  We will then switch over to Fallon’s show because Justin Timberlake was his guest for the night.

Yes, we could record the shows, but the DVR isn’t the answer.  I can’t be up until 3:00 a.m. watching their shows.  I got to be at work for a 9:00 a.m. meeting!

Jimmy and Stephen are brilliant late night TV hosts.  They have surrounded themselves with a team of talented writers and performers.  Their shows remind me of the 70’s comedy variety shows like Flip Wilson and Carol Burnett.

Why is this important to share about these men?

I became fascinated with Colbert’s career through his conversations with Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and one of the editors of America magazine.  Those conversations revealed to me how Stephen’s spirituality and old school Catholic Social Thought brings about a sensibility that is real and genuine.

I love how Fallon’s natural playfulness allows celebrities to be down to earth.  Jimmy has a way that garners trust and makes someone feel relaxed enough to be themselves. The only agenda he has at the moment is to be real and have fun doing it.

Their interviewing skills are something to emulate in our daily lives by getting people to tell their stories.  They are present with their guests: direct eye contact, lean-in body language, and a smile.  The stories are told through interviews, skits, or songs.  In the pause of the laughter, we find out that we are more alike than unlike.

There are constant messages in our society about how to behave and act depending on gender, race, religion, and socioeconomic status.  Jimmy and Stephen seem to stretch those messages and expectations.  Whether it’s Justin and Jimmy doing the History of Rap medley or Stephen sharing with Vice President Joe Biden family wisdom’s, these men embrace their privileged positions with humility and respect.

Through Fallon’s playful nature and Colbert’s spirituality, I find myself thinking differently about what it means to have the spirit of hospitality: allowing guests to relax, to be themselves, and to make the best of a situation.

It’s nice to see that the spirit of hospitality is alive and well.

Thank you gentlemen!



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