Accidental Saints – Book Review

Accidential Saints Book CoverLast month my husband and I got the opportunity to hear Pastor Nadia speak at All Saints Church in Pasadena.  I had just committed to do a review on this book.  It would be a rare opportunity to be able to hear an author before I read their book.  I was pleased that Pastor Nadia is as authentic and genuine in person as she portrays herself in her new book “Accidental Saints.”  She is full of energy, honest, and sincere.  Yet, she is quick to admit her flaws which I believe we all could relate to.  We’re all human striving for a divine life.

Pastor Nadia is Lutheran and the senior pastor at a church she founded in Denver, Colorado called a “House for All Sinners and Saints.”  Her first story begins with the liturgical celebration of All Souls Day and continues through a year of her life.  In Pastor Nadia’s stories, we experience death, forgiveness, love and grace in the everyday lives of the people that she meets at the gym, on the streets, and in her ministry.

Pastor Nadia challenges us to look beyond appearances.  She reminds us that Jesus took the Apostles as they were with “dirty hands and feet and washed them metaphorically and literally (pg. 133).”  He used their imperfect lives to heal and feed people.

This book is definitely a good read during this season of remembrance and gratitude.  But, I’m stumped about who should read this book: Clergy or non-Clergy, Christian or Agnostic?  It may feel a little contrived, but I think everyone should read her book.

Pastor Nadia makes us stop and think about what truly makes Saints and Sinners.  Depending on the day, we may be so self-centered that opportunities to be helpful gets lost in our words or deeds.  We might be surprised how close the two concepts are interdependent on each other.  Pastor Nadia gives us hope that we can be all Saints.

I received this book from “Blogging for Books” for this review.

Read well my friends!


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