Courage is Not An Option

This past week brought up a lot of feelings and concerns. I realize how much my sensibilities of social justice come from being a little girl of the 1960s. I finally understood the terror of the Confederate Flag and knew my safety was only relative at the age of six. I don’t remember the exact incident when I was first called the “n” word by a white person, but the feeling of how I felt has never gone away. Over the years, I have encountered other similar racists incidents, observers have turned their backs away pretending not to hear the conversation or made excuses for the other person’s actions.
Doug found a Twitter post this afternoon about an African-American student, Natasha, at Baylor University (a Southern Baptist school). She was called a “n” the day after the elections by a white male student. She was physically pushed off the sidewalk and was told it was a gesture of “keeping America great again.” Two days later, 300 students, staff and faculty walked with Natasha around the Baylor campus.
I was impressed with the actions of Natasha, her friend Janelle, and the Baylor community who illustrated courage and hope. They were not going to turn their backs on Natasha and ignore this gesture of hate. In this current climate, the stakes have become a little higher for a lot of reasons. Today, the courage to make a difference for peace and reconciliation is not an option.
So, yes I’m concerned about any world leader that espouses hate and not peace.

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